Raised on his family farm outside of Hordville, Nebraska, Dan started his journey from humble beginnings. His father, Dale, was a military veteran, worked construction, and then purchased a farm on which he raised pork, beef, and grain. His mother, Sharlyn worked with Dale on the farm and worked at Hordville and later High Plains Public Schools. Dan was raised with his four other siblings, and even though his parents were at times under pressure to make ends meet, he and his siblings felt like they were raised the same as any other family. After Dan graduated from Hordville High School in 1976, he set out to join the workforce.


Throughout Dan’s life, he has worked at a grain elevator, in retail, construction, feedlot operations, and sand and gravel ready mix operations. Before being elected, he worked 28 years for the Grand Island Utilities Department at the Platte Generating Station. He first started as a material handler and later became a maintenance mechanic and welder. Dan has served as the President of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1597, as well as President of the Nebraska State Utilities Conference and Central Nebraska Central Labor Council. 


Dan and his wife Alice were married in 1980 and chose to make Grand Island their home. Together they raised three children and now have 9 grandchildren. Both are members of Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, where Dan serves as a eucharistic minister and Alice as a lector.




With first-hand knowledge of the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, Dan has worked countless hours to fight for his own family. Now Dan works for yours. In his first term, he put future generations first by providing communities with economic development tools to increase access to early childhood education and made it harder for children to obtain tobacco and vaping products. When it came to family safety, he championed legislation to keep neighborhoods safe by cleaning up abandoned and vacant properties, and redevelop the properties into affordable housing. Dan also passed legislation to protect victims of human trafficking and has led efforts to update building electrical codes to keep residents safe. Dan has been a strong advocate for working families

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Dan Quick’s priorities for a second-term are values that all Nebraskans share:

strong schools, jobs that pay well, and a more fair tax system to help working families.


Dan knows that the most important part of a community is having more good-paying jobs to support its residents. That’s why he is committed to working with local and regional leaders on economic development projects that create new jobs.


It’s important for our state to compete to attract new businesses, and Dan has worked to ensure these incentives include good-paying jobs with benefits. Dan has also worked closely with entrepreneurs in Grand Island to navigate bureaucratic systems to help start new businesses that want to grow in Nebraska. 


To attract the needed workforce, Dan knows we must also make sure our workforce is properly trained and that we have suitable housing options for the workers.


At the forefront of safety, Dan has fought tirelessly to give cities new tools to clean up abandoned and vacant properties. By renovating these neighborhoods, we are able to attract new affordable housing projects, and put properties back on the tax rolls. This allows our cities to keep your property taxes low.


Dan led efforts to pass legislation to combat human trafficking and works with local, state, and regional partners to collaborate plans and strategies to make the community safer.


Dan has also been a strong supporter of firefighters and police officers in our community. He supports adequate staffing levels of first responders. This adds more safety for first responders and means quicker response time for citizens, which can save lives.


Dan knows that quality education for our kids helps provide them with more opportunities for success. Nebraska must focus on early childhood education to give every child, regardless of financial status, a chance to be successful. That’s why Dan passed legislation giving cities more flexibility to prioritize helping early childhood education centers. Dan also knows we need to ensure that no matter what path a kid wants to follow, whether that be a 4-year university or skilled labor training, that our education system allows them to succeed in whatever field they choose.

With Nebraska ranking 49th in state aid of public schools, our local taxpayers feel the brunt of it. Dan will continue to fight for Grand Island to receive more state aid to reduce local property taxes so that we keep the quality of education that our children and grandchildren deserve, while also addressing the local tax burden. 


Knowing the struggle working families face to pay their taxes firsthand, Dan works every day to make sure that every family is being treated fairly. Our current system is not fair to working families. Dan has vigorously fought for property tax relief that doesn’t come in the form of raising other taxes that hurt working families the hardest.

The best way to lower our property taxes is to fund schools at the state level. Nebraska ranks 48th in state aid to public schools. We can and must do better at funding our schools from the state level.  

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